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Things You Won’t Find in a Well Groomed Lawn: Part IV

 don't even know what that is

I don’t even know what that is

It is quite small (the dandelion seed might be taken for scale) and I’m unsure about the exact species but one thing I’m sure about: does not belong in a well groomed lawn.



Cute Baby Spiders!

Cute Baby Spiders!

I decided, freely, herby and herewith to dedicate this and some following day(s) to the kingdom of animalia and others and will post one or more, or even a completely different number of, pictures of something alive.

The exact species of the spiders depicted above is unknown to me (Most probably Araneus spp., maybe even an A. diadematus?), so if you know more: feel free to spare your knowledge. The colors should be a bit more yellowish but not much. You may take the dandelion seed at the lower right a for scale.