Flickr with a new design! Brocken, of course…

While I browsed through the “ruhrpott” group at Flickr, an active group with already over 30,000 pictures, when suddenly I got a slightly changed design and the “justified” display instead of my preferred “large thumbnails” and furthermore it started at page 1 instead of page 316 which i have asked for and no matter what I tried, it was not possible to get the large thumbnail display at the page 316. You seem to be unable now to jump to a different page directly, only by clicking on the page-links at the bottom which makes not much sense if you want to reach a page farther away than 10 or 15.

The search results on the other side have much larger thumbnails now, but do not seem to offer anything else. And the search forgets if you changed “relevant” to “recent”.

Let’s see if they get it and repair it.


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