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When the Dust hits the Fan

When the dirt hits the fan

When the dust hits the fan

Why is the CPU fan running at top speed almost constantly?
Well, it’s 30 degree Celsius, what do you expect?


Weird Thoughts

The difference between designers and artists? The designers take and the artists do not give. What seems to be a similarity at first sight cannot be farther away from the meaning of similarity: the designers take the rules—all of them—seriously; the artists on the other hand do not give a shit for the rules—all of them.

When people want to be funny…

My younger sister keeps a (non-strict) vegan diet and has to buy a lot at internet-shops not only to keep the cost low but even more so to have a much bigger selection to choose from. Some if not most of those companies seem to have hired some…uhm…packaging artists who think they are witty. Most aren’t, as you might have guessed, but some are not that bad, as this example from the island northern of France shows. Continue reading