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Pommes Schranke

Pommes Schranke

If you want a portion of french fries here in the Ruhr-area you need to utter the easy to remember term: “Eimma Pommes Schranke, bittä!” Yes, as easy as that! But it might get a bit more complicated as explained in the following paragraph:

You might get asked the following in return: “Pilsken beie Schranke?” which translates, roughly, as “Do you want a nice cold Pilsener with the fries?”. The accepted answer is either a short: “Jupp!” (“Yes, please!”) or a more elaborated: “Dachtesse ich würch die Fritten trocken runter, oder watt?!” (“I really appreciate your offer, even if slightly redundant, and accept it with great joy and pleasure!”). You might reject it with: “Nä, lass ma, muß noch faahn.” (“No, thank you but I might risk my drivers licence if I get caught again.”) or something of a similar kind of a distinctly lame excuse.


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