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Does somebody have a screwdriver? Anybody? Buehler?

Somebody—and I don’t want to look at anybody here—thought I would have massaged a photo with a Photoshop watercolour-filter and sold it as if I did it myself, manually, with a brush. I did not know what to make out of it: feel insulted or flattered? I did not use a Photoshop-filter, for I do not have Photoshop in the first place. On the other side: my watercolours are bad, some are even really bad, I’m pretty sure the Photoshop filter would have done a better job.

So what shall I do about it? Do it again, this time with a camera running along? The only one with a HD camera is my sister and it’s not really a camera just a cell phone which you can’t screw on a tripod for lack of a screw hole in the camera. I could improvise something with some wires, rubber bands, and tape. Nuh, way too much work. A couple of stills will do, too. And the very same thing again? Nuh, boring!

The original was a screenshot from Google Earth, so I “traveled” a bit around the world and found another nice place, this time in Greece. So let’s do it. Well, actually: I’ll do it and all you can do is to helplessly watch the catastrophe building up ūüėČ

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Shopping List

Pommes Schranke

Pommes Schranke

If you want a portion of french fries here in the Ruhr-area you need to utter the easy to remember term: “Eimma Pommes Schranke, bitt√§!” Yes, as easy as that! But it might get a bit more complicated as explained in the following paragraph:

You might get asked the following in return: “Pilsken beie Schranke?” which translates, roughly, as “Do you want a nice cold Pilsener with the fries?”. The accepted answer is either a short: “Jupp!” (“Yes, please!”) or a more elaborated: “Dachtesse ich w√ľrch die Fritten trocken runter, oder watt?!” (“I really appreciate your offer, even if slightly redundant, and accept it with great joy and pleasure!”). You might reject it with: “N√§, lass ma, mu√ü noch faahn.” (“No, thank you but I might risk my drivers licence if I get caught again.”) or something of a similar kind of a distinctly lame excuse.

From the Attic

Homage to Oscar Reutersvärd

Homage to Oscar Reutersvärd

Needed to re-conquer some storage space and discovered some older (2002 says one signature) works. The tribute to Oscar Reutersvärd above was one of several tries with gouache/watercolour in connection with inked contours. Two more of these experiments below the fold Continue reading

Doodling V: Lack of Backsight

Wrong orientation

Wrong orientation

This was the first sketch for the picture here. All that work, the whole twenty minutes, wasted! Why? Because I failed to recognize that the chosen frame was a former mirror and hence had the hanger on the short side. As it always happens in such situations: it was a cheap frame, everything was glued in place and would have needed way too much work to change. More work, in fact, than the effort to just redo the sketch in a different orientation.
And all that for such a lame lark.
By the way: the dark spots had been done with a very soft graphite pencil but the deep black parts have been done with a charcoal pencil. It just cannot be done in graphite.