Da Rulz

The wordpress blogs get (self)rated. The actual rating given to this blog is the lowest, that means: no sex, no violence, no nothing, which is obviously boring. It may therefore change in a very short time to something higher. Rating, I mean. It has been rated PG-13 now, so a bit more is allowed. How much is unknown, the MPAA keeps it secret, but I think it is OK now to abstain from silly constructions like “bovine excrements” and similar and start to call bullshit bullshit when appropriate.

The following rules will always apply, no matter which rating!
(Concept shamelessly stolen from PZ Myers’ blog Pharyngula)

  1. I Am The Boss! What I am able to do I will do when I think it is necessary. Any complaints will get carefully ignored.
  2. Threats are absolutely forbidden!
    • No threats of violence, physical or otherwise!
    • No threats of dox’ing, that is threatening to publish real life identities including, but not limited to: pictures (of the people themselves and/or family), addresses (home, work etc.), real names, email,…
    • No threats of harassment, physical or otherwise!
  3. Keep your Identity! Sockpuppets and alike will get blacklisted quite fast.
  4. Insults are restricted!
    The basic rule depends on the rating. What is never allowed is the following:

    • Do not fire broadsides, be specific, be very specific. E.g.: calling somebody an old dodderer includes other old dodderers like myself who might not like to get called an old dodderer and will act accordingly. Calling somebody a frothy dread-bolted bag of guts is also not very specific but from Shakespeare which might make it acceptable for me.
    • No sexist slurs, not even ones specific to a single gender! (is that not the same?)
    • No abelist insults! Anything that relates to (dis)abilities of a person, physically or otherwise.
    • No ageist defamations! Anything related to the age.
    • No racist expressions! Do not even try!
  5. No thread-occupying! This is a blog, not a chat. If you think you have to comment on every comment and do it obviously obsessively: bye.
  6. Write clear! Do not use abbreviations, code or special terminology without explaining it (or link to a page which explains it). You may use the applicable HTML-code to do so. The single exception is a little bit of ROT-13 for movie spoilers or similar.

The place where I stole this concept has also some “Rules of Charity”. I don`t.

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