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Now, that is bold!

Sleeping! right in my herb bed!

Sleeping! In the middle of my herb bed!

That’s just…
I don’t even…

And if you think that it is weird with this cat sleeping in its litter box, you might a take a closer look:

Holstein cat, still nappin'

Holstein cat, still nappin’

Can you see it? It might be visible better with a shot taken from the other side:
And still nappin', one wont' believe it

And still nappin’, one wont’ believe it

See where it laid its head on? Yes, that’s a stone. Quartz, to be a bit more exact, rolled round by the powers of the water of the river Rhine, buried under some soil when the Rhine meandered away, digged out again, and placed carefully in my herb bed to keep the cats—especially this cat—from using it as their litter box. And now? Now this brute rests its head on it like on a well aired cushion filled with the finest eiderdowns! If it weren’t for the proof by these pictures, one would have a hard (ha ha!) time to believe it!



Freshly de-lawned and cultivated, just a day later

Freshly de-lawned and cultivated, just a day later

The constantly increasing prices of food accompanied by the ever decreasing quality persuaded me to try it with some head lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. capitata), scallions and chile with some Hokkaido and zucchini (Cucurbita pepo) under the bushes. The two bushes to the left are red and black currant, Ribes rubrum and R. nigrum respectively. The other bushes are just flowers and are meant to hide the garden dump behind it.
If you look closer you might see some paw-prints overall and a larger area under the bigger currant-bush that looks as if it had been dug over:
A hole


That was, as you might have guessed, the holstein cat, which I shall name from hereon: The Caterpillar! and will tailor a nice bright cape for it.
The Caterpillar!

The Caterpillar!

Pretending to sleep, hu?


Uhm…never mind.

Herb Bed

My new cat-litter-box/herb bed

My new cat litter field herb bed

Yes, these are some larger pebbles. Let’s see if that is enough, but I have some more if needed.
Not much in it yet: the perennial but still frostbitten rosemary in the foreground; the larger green spot to the left of it is the marjoram from last years seed; the curios plant on the middle left, the one with the slightly blueish leaves got sold as a kind of basil that will grow into a larger bush. let’s see if that works here; opposite of it is some lovage crowning; a small bundle of chives from last years bulbs behind that; the tarragon grows quite good despite being on its place for years; in the background to the left is ramson and further back a kind of sorrel (with red leaf-veins); where to find the batch of parsley is left to the reader but if you found it and look to the left you’ll find a small batch of cilantro (from last year’s seed but raised on the window sill).

I still have some tomatoes on the window sill and some chili peppers. The chilis are Habañeros and my own variety based in large parts on the “Hot Thai” strain crossbred with a larger but not very hot variety. Together with a bit of luck I got the size of the larger strain and the capsaicin content of the “Thai Hot” variety. They are also very sweet. The first one to three seconds that is 😉

Yes, the bed edgings need some work, I know 😉