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Another Day, Another Recipe: Mayonnaise


1 pcs Whole Egg/Egg Yolk
1 dash Vinegar
1 tsp Mustard (hot or mild but not sweet)
1 pn Salt
1 pn White Pepper
100 ml Neutral Oil (e.g.: sunflower oil)

Put the whole egg or the egg yolk in a tall jar, add mustard, salt and pepper (you can use black pepper, tastes better but leaves black spots) and the oil and put an immersion blender into the jar, way down to the ground. Switch it on, highest gear, and pull it slowly out. That will get you a basic mustard-mayonnaise.
Some people like to add a dash of lemon juice instead of the vinegar (I do).
That mayonnaise might be to thin, depending on the size of the egg. No problem, simply add some oil, tablespoon for tablespoon, and do the blender thing described above.
For a vanilla mayonnaise do the same without the mustard.
Should give about 200-250 ml of mayonnaise with about 55-65% fat.

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