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That is sooo Last Year!

Forrest in the evening

Forest in the evening

The setting sun gave the forest behind my backyard a nice autumnal glow, so I tried it again with my cheap digi-snapper. This time was quite a disaster: too shaky, too much noise and a bit too wet but it is recognisable at least that the reddish thing in the background could be a forest. With a bit of good will. The whole process was automated with Hugin and I was a bit lazy when I checked the result, so the fence in the foreground does not fit very well. No further postprocessing because made no sense: you cannot change things that are not there in the first place. But I decided to play around with the different projections this time. More after the fold. Continue reading



Autumn is when the weather gets wet and cold, when the leaves change their colours first, then their places, and when that little hairy guy that is the blogger of this blog tries to do some panoramas.
On the evening of the fourth friday of November in the Gregorian year two thousand and twelve I made this picture.

Backyard with autumnal forest in the background.

Backyard with autumnal forest in the background.

And, later on, another one.
Autumnal panorama

In the back of the backyard with the autumnal forest in the background

The deep sun working through a dusty layer (which volcano is it this time? Or is it just smog?) gave the forest a very nice deep, red colour, especially in the second picture.