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Little Went Live!

Well, sort of.
I uploaded the libraries to my website at Github, together with some short info and a small textarea to try them out.
Also included: a lot of typos. Seems as if I forgot to run a spellchecker, sorry.


Multiple Precision in JavaScript: Rational Arithmetic III

Elementary Functions: Second Try

Not that I found the code for the rational exponential function I wrote (that’s lost) but I found it unfair to say “too slow” without giving a reason, so i did it again, for exp() and log(). Continue reading

Multiple Precision in JavaScript: Rational Arithmetic II

Elementary Functions

While trying to implement even the most basic elementary functions, like square root, nth-root and the exponential function I had to admit that the Bigrational library is just too slow. Square and nth-root work ok, but the exponential function is of not much use with that low speed it needs floating point arithmetic. Yes, I am working at it.

But all of that is no reason to drop the whole mess completely as you might have seen if you took a look at the Bigrational library. Continue reading

Multiple Precision in JavaScript: Rational Arithmetic

Now that we have a (hopefully) working big integer implementation we can go on, either to arbitrary floating point numbers or multiple precision rational numbers. The latter is slightly simpler(1), so let’s take that one first. Continue reading