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Multi-Precision Floats: Radix Conversion with Large Exponents

[UPDATE] bugfix in code listing
The method for the radix conversion of floating point numbers described more theoretically here and more practically here has one large drawback: albeit always correct it is abysmally slow for large magnitudes.

Is there a faster way to do it? Yes, there is! Continue reading


Multiple Precision in JavaScript: Rational Arithmetic II

Elementary Functions

While trying to implement even the most basic elementary functions, like square root, nth-root and the exponential function I had to admit that the Bigrational library is just too slow. Square and nth-root work ok, but the exponential function is of not much use with that low speed it needs floating point arithmetic. Yes, I am working at it.

But all of that is no reason to drop the whole mess completely as you might have seen if you took a look at the Bigrational library. Continue reading

Multi-Precision Floats: Radix Conversion

[UPDATE]: bugfix.
The Little programming language is in need of arbitrary precision floating point numbers, too. The necessary basics at least: addition; multiplication; division; roots; logarithm; an exponential function; and the three basic trigonometric function sin, cos, and tan; not to forget the constant \pi computed to the current precision. More to come, of course, but these are the minimum for a comfortable environment.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy but how do we get the numbers in and out? Yes, that’s not that simple, indeed. Continue reading