A multitude of imaginary number makes… what?

Nearly every common animal has a word for a multitude of it. Wikipedia has a long list of them for the english language alone. Together with some other synonyms for “more than one of sth.” I came up with these 253:
aggregation, ambush, army, array, assemblage, assembly, badling, bale, band, bank, barrel, barren, bask, bed, bellowing, bevy, bind, bloat, blush, boil, bouquet, brood, building, bunch, busyness, cackle, caravan, cartload, cast, cete, charm, chattering, chirm, clattering, cloud, clowder, cluster, clutch, clutter, cohort, collection, colony, commonalty, company, concourse, congregation, convocation, corps, covert, covey, crash, crowd, crush, cry, dazzle, deceit, den, descent, desert, destruction, dissimulation, dole, dopping, down, doylt, draught, drift, drove, drunkenship, drunkship, dule, erst, escargatoire, exaltation, eyrar, fall, family, fesnyng, fleet, flick, flight, fling, float, flock, flush, fluther, flutter, gaggle, gam, game, gang, gaze, glaring, greatnumber, grist, gulp, haras, harrase, hastiness, head, heap, herd, horde, host, hover, hunt, hurtle, husk, infinitude, infinity, intrusion, jam, kettle, kindle, kit, knot, labor, lamentation, leap, lease, leash, legion, lepe, loads, lot, lots, majority, mass, meet, meinie, memory, mess, mews, mischief, mob, much, murder, murmuration, muster, mustering, mute, myriad, nest, nide, number, numbers, nye, observance, ocean, oodles, ostentation, pace, pack, paddling, pandemonium, parcel, parliament, party, passe, peep, people, phalanx, pit, piteousness, pitying, plague, plenitude, plump, plurality, pod, populace, pounce, poverty, pride, proletariat, public, puddling, push, quantity, rabble, raft, rafter, rag, rake, rangale, rasp, richesse, richness, rookery, rout, route, run, sawt, school, scold, scores, scourge, scream, scurry, sea, sedge, sege, shoal, shrewdness, siege, skein, skulk, sleuth, slew, sloth, smack, sord, sorestring, sounder, sownder, span, spring, stable, stalk, stand, streak, string, stud, suit, superfluity, sute, swarm, team, throng, tiding, tittering, tok, tower, train, tribe, trip, trippe, troop, turnout, unkindness, waddling, wake, walk, watch, wedge, whisp, whiting, whoop, wing, wisdom, wisp, yoke, and zeal.

Which one of all of them, or maybe a complete different one, for “more than one imaginary number”?

Any commendation, direction, proposition, suggestion, or tip?

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