Adventures of a Programmer: Parser Writing Peril VII

The complete program should work on any operating system it can run on. It will be written in ISO/IEE C-99 without using any of the more exotic parts of it. The main problem is the build. There will be more than a handful of source file and dependencies to do it manually, some automation is needed. Tools for automated building that run cross-platform are rare, only two are large enough to have been shortlisted: qmake, the autotool delivered with QT (Who has bought it now, still Nokia?) which runs on several operating systems including some phones. It is very simple. Too simple, sadly. I tried it with a small subproject and put it up at Github under the name libczrational for all to see and writhe with disgust. Seems as if it has to be cmake.

The library has, for now, basic exact arithmetic implemented (+,-,*,/), basic inexact arithmetic (sqrt) and two integer functions (Bernoulli and Euler numbers). The Bernoulli and Euler number calculations are meant as examples but are already fast enough for general use (uses Brent-Harvey’s algorithm which is based on tangent and secant numbers).

The documentation looks good, but that is all that it does, for now 😉

The makefile in the packet has been generated on Debian Squeeze.


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