Unexpected Comments in Computer Code

I saw a lot of code in my life. I saw bad code and good code, simple code and complex code, oversimplified code and overcomplex code, code that makes you smile and code that curls your footnails into locks and tresses the eleven dimensions of modern M-theories are insufficient to describe and I’m not ashamed (OK, I admit: a bit) to tell you that I wrote at least one of each myself.

I also saw a lot of comments in the listings of quality in the range of the points listed above, mostly, but not necessarily so in concordance to the quality of the code it is meant to describe. And, yes, I participated in it, too.

But sometimes, very rarely, so rarely that I think it is already extinct now, I find something that is none of the above. The find is quite old but I stumbled over it again today.
In the file tommath.h of the multiple precision library LibTomMath version 0.42.0 on line 281 is this little gem:

/* I Love Earth! */


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