Counting Fish

Goldfish and other Cyprinidae

Goldfish and other Cyprinidae

I tried to count estimate the number of fish in our pond with some technical help. The cheap diggi-snappers today have no threads at the lenses anymore, so I had to try to adjust a polar filter with one hand, hold the camera with the other hand and throw the fish food with my third one. This seemed to work, call me Zaphod from now on.
But the camera didn’t want to play fair: I had either no correct focus (the polar filter seems to disturb the auto-focus and this thingies have no way to focus manually) or didn’t have the correct exposure—sometimes even both—so I just took some normal pictures and enhanced them digitally to get some rough information about the ichthyofauna of our little pond.
Most pictures were useful but boring with the exception of that one at the top.
Oh, and the fishes found and clearly identified were:
Carassius gibelio forma auratus (the goldfish)
Rhodeus amarus (European bitterling)
Cyprinus carpio (錦鯉)
A couple of small fish were not identifiable by me together with the poor method and the already starting growth of algae which makes the water quite opaque. The pond is small and muddy and a tough environment for most fish so I doubt I will find more species than those above.


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