Aiming quickly over the notch and bead sights…

Equus ferus caballus
Equus ferus caballus


A kazakh sausage, basic recipe

1 kg Meat (skirt steak)
500 g Fat (from the same species as the meat)
0.5 m Jejunum (natural sausage casing)
25 g Cumin (Jeera)
2 tsp. Pepper, black, grounded
25 g Salt

Cut the meat in stripes a bit larger than the size of an average middle finger, massage the spices in and let it sit for about two days in the fridge.
If you get natural sausage casings, especially the jejunum mentioned in the ingredients list, take care to keep the fat when washing it. It is quite time-consuming to prepare the jejunum yourself but here is a short explanation:
Turn the casing inside out, wash in cold water, rub carefully with salt and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Try to get rid of all the slime and guck without getting rid of the fat. Have fun doing that, you’ll gonna need it.
Wash again several times (5-6 or more) in cold and not-too-hot water.
Cut the jejunum in pieces of about 0.5 meter, close one end tightly.
Mix fat and meat stripes and fill into casings, close it tight with a long string, leave a loop to hang the sausage.
Dry it in air for 2-3 month. Check regularly. Needs the same environment as dried ham like near the sea, at high altitude or both, but dry, clean and moving air are a must.

If you don’t have it (who has?) you might try smoking it for a bit less than a full day at 45°C or a week at 20°C, where the latter is to be preferred but not easy.

The very last alternative is cooking. If it is slaughter day already and you made a lot of sausages already and got a quite strong broth as the result you might give it a try and let it simmer for 2 hours.
(Pro-tip to get a good broth: take care that nobody looks and cut one of the sausages open and hide it underneath. Curse the casings if somebody sees it who shouldn’t.)

W.W. Pochljobkin, Nationale Küchen. Die Kochkunst der sowjetischen Völker, Moskau, Leipzig 1988. ISBN 3-7304-0053-3


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