Comet 168P-Hergenrother

The comet named 168P-Hergenrother broke up. With whom is yet unknown. This is old news, but I found the not-raw picture not very good to detect all of the four pieces they were talking about. If somebody knows about new and/or better but especially raw pictures (in the sense of having at least the full 16 bit resolution. I know I can’t get the real raw pictures without a lot of paperwork and a bigger mailbox), please tell me.
I run the picture through the obligatory enhancement techniques and got this, showing three fragments only, even if the colors went quite nice.

Fragments, Attempt #1

After some rounds of contrast enhancements, de-noising, sharpening. and coloring I got these two, showing the fourth fragment quite well.
Fragments, Attempt #2

Fragments, Attempt #2

Fragments, Attempt#3

Fragments, Attempt#3


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