Chromatic Dispersion

A good example of chromatic dispersion is the rainbow. We had a nice example of such an iridescent arch a couple of days ago. Trying to picture it shows the limits of a cheap digi-snapper quite drastically.

Northern Side of Rainbow

Southern Side of Rainbow

Not much had been done except setting the white point to get more natural colors which intensified the middle colors, especially the yellow range, way too much but made the second rainbow more visible. I could even see a third rainbow and a vague hint of the fourth one but neither made it to the picture. It is a bit disappointing to be able to remember the time of real film which would have had not much trouble to depict at least three rainbows if not, perhaps with some dark-room tricks, the fourth one, too.
But I will not hesitate to stress one of the advantages of digital photography: the wide range of direct and easy manipulation by a computer program. It was not very complicated to feed the bunch of pictures to Hugin for a nice panorama to get the full rainbow. The set of pictures was sadly not complete enough to get a well rounded arch but all parts of the main bow are visible at least.
Full Rainbow Panorama

Full Rainbow Panorama


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