Felis silvestris catu (vicinae) in watercolor

Felis silvestris catu (vicinae) in watercolor

Not a complete failure; it is a cat, even identifiable (“Hey, that’s my Peter!”) but still not what I was able to do some twenty years ago. Such a long pause is definitely not good for anything that needs a steady amount of training. The old saying “A picture a day holds you on pay”* is not one of the most idiotic proverbs, although it comes close if you ask some of the not-extremly-famous artist.
Some people like to know all of the gory details, so here they are: it is painted on a 30x40cm size 220g/sqm cold-press paper. Some repairs have been made with acrylics (the black spot on the back has seen three to five work-overs and I still don’t like it) namely iron oxide and titanium oxide. The titan-white has been used for the lights, too, as acrylics seem to do a better job than gouache for the lights.
Oh, and yes: 220g paper is too light for large wet-on-wet washes. Even with a heavy glass plate laid on top of the paper the large crimps are still visible.
The quality of the picture is bad, I know. It is the same cheap digi-snapper I’ve done all the pictures on this blog with.

* Yep, I admit it: I made that up.


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