Hot and Spicy

Origanum majorana and Capsicum annuum

Origanum majorana and Capsicum annuum

Blood Sausage (common german recipe)

400 g pork meat, lean, diced (2x2cm)
200 g pork speck (backfat), diced
200 g pork rinds, freshly
200 g pork blood
4 g curing salt
2 g black pepper, grounded
1 g caraway seeds, grounded
2 g marjoram, dried and stripped
0.5 g cinnamon,grounded
1 g allspice,pimento
20 g onions
enough sausage casings

Cure the diced meat with the curing salt for 12-24 hours (depends on
temperature, humidity, quality of meat, after-shave of the butcher and last,
but not least, the size of the moon). Cook the pork rinds about 35-40
minutes and grind it, still hot, with the onions thru the 2 mm disc.

Heat the speck and meat for about five minutes and mix it with rind/onions
matter. Let it get a bit more than lukewarm (about body temperature) and mix
in the blood, preheated to the same temperature. If the temperature is too
high the blood will clot too early and will look quite disgusting, if the
temperature is too low, the matter gets too tight you will have trouble to
mix in the blood.

Fill the matter into the casings. Infuse in 85°C/185°F hot water for one
minute per millimeter thickness.

If you used natural casings (or special artificial casings) you might smoke
the sausages, too.

You may spice differently but it is not a real german blood sausage without
the marjoram.


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