And now one to the forehead…

Anew picture for the header. The body of the spider vaguely resembles the capital letter A and the latin name for the class is  arachnida, also starting with the letter A. I already fail to like it, so it is declared officially as a subject to change.
Many things start with this letter, some of these get liked more than the others, some get liked less than the others, sometimes the single letter—if colored correctly and set in the right font—gets hated more than other letters of the alphabet, no matter in which font it has been set and in what hue it has been colored.

Sometimes an addition makes it even worse. A verbatim addition I mean: the plus-sign “+”, indicating an increment. If added to the letter mentioned above and put on a product—say, an illuminant, e.g.: a LED-bulb—it marks an outstanding product. In the example of the LED-lamp it would be very low power consumption together with a large amount of light or shorter: an effective way to lighten something up, more effective than others, for example a specimen with the same letter but without the plus-sign.
Add the plus-sign to the same letter for the same reason as above, to indicate that something is better. Then typeset it in a certain font and color it in a certain way and hell breaks loose.


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